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Azoxy 2SC

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Axill Solutions Azoxy 2SC is a systemic fungicide that offers curative translaminar and preventive activity. Azoxy 2SC provides long lasting, broad-spectrum control and is highly effective on four major fungi groups; Ascomycota, Deuteromycota, Basidimycota and Oomycota. Azoxy 2SC can be applied as a foliar spray in alternating spray programs or in a tank-mix. 

When applied as a preventative, Azoxy 2SC encourages plants to uti1ize resources efficiently, allowing them to reach their maximum yield potential. Early applications increase plant growth, increase water efficiency and maintain green leaf area. Azoxy 2SC also provides outstanding protection to new plant growth making it an excellent choice for preventative disease control. 

Azoxy Prop SE

Azoxy Prop SE comes in a superior formulation, combining the power of two active ingredients, azoxystrobin and propiconazole. It offers two unique modes of action, making it an extraordinary addition to your fungicide regime. Applying Azoxy Prop SE as a preventative not only provides early protection from the major disease it also lengthens photosynthesis improving plant growth, increasing grain and pod fill.

Azoxy Prop SE is a broad-spectrum fungicide with both preventative and curative activity while also protecting new plant growth. Azoxy Prop SE offers long-lasting protection to the entire plant helping it reach its full yield potential.

Azoxy Prop SE also guards against extreme weather conditions that can harm plants, preventing them from reaching their full potential. In dry, hot weather it slows down water loss allowing the plant to use water efficiently. Azoxy Prop SE protects plants like rice and corn from diseases that thrive in wet conditions, while strong, healthy roots improve nutrient uptake.

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Propicon EC

Axill Solutions Propicon 3.6EC For control of certain diseases in almonds, bananas, beets (garden), berries, carrot, celery and leafy petioles, cereals, cilantro, citrus (non-bearing), corn (field, seed, popcorn, sweet),  cranberry, filbert, mint, onions and bulb vegetables, parsley, peanut, pecan, pineapple, pistachios, plantains, rice (including wild rice), sorghum,  soybeans, strawberries, stone fruits, sugarbeets, sugarcane, tree nuts, grasses grown for seed, turf and ornamentals.

Propicon ECsmall.png

Teb 3.6SC


Axill Solutions Teb 3.6 SC is a systemic fungicide for control of specified diseases on various crops.

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